8 Jul

Today, we decided to go to Ju-Rin for LUNCH as I having been craaaaaving to go since the last time I had dinner here! It was the PERFECT day to walk along Pacific Highway as we past old little quirky gift shops with the sun grilling on top of us!

Ju-Rin, favourite Asian Restaurant 2010

Ju-Rin was voted favourite Asian Restaurant 2010 & remains to be one of my favourites today! Their philosophy is to serve top-quality japanese food and without fail, I have experienced some of the most memorable Japanese dishes here!
Their lunch & dinner menu is binded delicately in one big beauty. I sometimes wonder how each page is still so new and untampered?!

Chirashi don - Bowl of sushi rice topped with sashimi, eggs, seaweed, ginger and roes with miso soup, seaweed salad and japanese panna cotta

This was MYYYY beautiful Chirashi don! The sashimi was so fresh and mouth-watering. Am absolutely loving their lunch deal which was only $12!

The restaurant's interior is very authentically designed with ornaments placed meticulously at every visible corner

The restaurant itself is filled with interesting things to gaze at in every direction I look. Every single piece of ornament including the teapot, the high shelf filled with Japanese wines & sake and even their utensils just had me looking twice.

Karaage - deep-fried & marinated chicken

This was the surprisingly tastey karaage chicken don! That sauce was unlike any ordinary karaages you get in other restaurants as they are normally just deep-fried with a mayo on this side. THIS chicken was clearly marinated already and the vinegary soy sauce was sooooooooooooo delicious! I am not a big fan of deep-fried stuff but the sauce made it so much more appealing to me!

I would happily come back here everyday for lunch so long as I don’t need to watch my diet and am hungry like an elephant!

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One Response to “Ju-Rin”

  1. Eugene July 8, 2011 at 6:54 pm #

    Yum! You going to go there every week now since your sis went there for my birthday lol!

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